Barley Bread

اللَّهُمَّ لَكَ الحَمْدُ كُلُّهُ، ولَكَ الشُّكْرُ كُلُّهُ، ولكَ المُلْكُ كُلُّهُ، ولَكَ الخَلْقُ كُلُّهُ، بيدِكَ الخَيْرُ كُلُّهِ، وأعُوذُ بِكَ مِنَ الشَّرِ كُلِّه، بسمِ الله الذي لا إلَـٰـهَغَيْرُهُ، اللَّهُمَّ أذْهِب عَنِّي الهَمَّ والحَزَنَ


How to make Barley Bread ?


Making barley bread is so easy once you get perfectly trained. Barley bread will never need your Chakla / Bailan, it needs your hands only. Knead barley flour, for additional taste; you may add black seed, sesame, powdered Thyme, Summac, fennel, dried lemon powder, cumin seeds, olive oil, etc.

Make its dough & spread it a little with revolutions in your hands.


Fire the pan (TAWA) & pour some olive oil, when the pan is hot, put the dough over it & flatten again by your fingers.


Flatten the bread as much as you can. After few minutes, turn it over & it will never break Insha'Allah. Now you can add some olive oil once again. Turn over twice unless the bread is well cooked.

I am not sure how barley bread disappeared from daily life of Muslims, & I expect now that you will bring it back & convince others to start it immediately.


A healthy colon is Allah's blessing & to safeguard its health is your own responsibility.

Throw the 2 smoking guns (wheat & rice) out of your house, they will cause numerous diseases.


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While kneading the flour, add some flaxseeds, sesame seeds, fennel, black seed, cumin, Summaq, dried lemon powder, dried fenugreek leaves powder, pepper & finally the Pink Himalayan salt.


You will be surprised to see the beauty of colors which Allah Will Fill in your bread, plus the magnetic taste & smell will hypnotize you. With this bread, you will never need a curry.

Barley bread by a Chapatti Maker

Some people may find it difficult to prepare barley bread at their kitchen, because its flour is not as glutinous as wheat flour. For those who are not an expert for making barley bread by hand, an electric chapatti maker will be the best option.

Switch on the device & wait for 5 minutes before it gets hot & ready.  Place the dough ball at the center & close the lid, press with the handle & hold for 1 minute, heat & pressure will flatten the dough perfectly round & the bread will never break, after 3 minutes, open the lid & you can rotate the bread to have it cooked properly from all sides.

Today or tomorrow, within this year or during the coming years, you will have no option left but to adopt the bread chosen by Prophet Muhammad Sallallaho Alaihe Wasallam as the total replacement of wheat & rice, you have already weakened your digestive system by consuming refined carbohydrates, which can cause blood pressure, diabetes, ulcer, constipation, bleeding piles, colon cancer, etc. May Allah Save us from all evils.

Barley Dough

Barley Dough

Make a Round ball

Put some Olive oil on the pan (Tawa) & flatten the ball with your fingers

Flatten more while it gets heated

Turn over



The Colorful barley bread with Legumes





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